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OCEANREVIVE LLC / 2013-07-04
Hello Fellow Reefers,
All of us here at OceanRevive are happy about being able to communicate with you directly. We are here to help with OceanRevive product information and customer service.
We are based in Portland, Oregon and establishing our own identity with distinct and different fixtures of our own, like the Arctic-S026. We are also developing our own technologies and applying them on our next line of products. To provide more purchase options to our customers, we are also an authorized distributor and warranty provider for EverGrow LED Aquarium Lights. OceanRevive wants to make a commitment to provide quality products and offer the best value. There are some very low cost, economy grade fixtures that have their own issues, and there are some very expensive, classy fixtures with lots of bells and whistles. We plan to stay somewhere in the middle with well designed, well made fixtures, at reasonable prices and no unnecessary extras. But we can get to more sales talk later.
We also want to help with questions about how to adjust your leds for the best health and growth of your coral. Using led fixtures isn’t rocket science, but there are some basic things you really should understand about light, coral and leds if you want to have a successful reef tank while using them. We also hope that over the upcoming months we can start a dialogue about what you want in the way of new fixtures as well as keeping you informed about new products we have in the pipeline. We’ll also be offering up our perspective on how light and leds interact with coral, maybe even a little science (OK, just a little) about light, leds, coral, zooxanthellae and coral pigments. OceanRevive is made up of people who work in engineering, design, marketing, production and warranty services. We are reefers, we know what you need and what you want. The foundation of this company is built upon the enhancement of reefing hobby, our staff members are motivated to develop better products and help other reefers.
Your tank's happiness is our goal! However, we aren't scientists, although we try to keep up with the latest science that impacts leds lighting, corals and light. If you have any suggestions or changes you’d like to see in our products and design, please let us know. We will seriously listen to our customers voices and improve our products to next evolution of quality.
We are here to talk with, and listen to, customers. But we hope to have a broader discussion about leds, light and coral that will be of interest to anybody with a marine aquarium. Like you, we are in the hobby because we have found having a glass box full of ocean has lots of potential for fun and learning. But it’s not an easy hobby; it takes personal commitment, time and money to be successful. We would humbly like to be part of that success.
The management and staff of OceanRevive
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