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Anonymous user:THANK YOU!!!! (2014-06-04 19:40:23)

WOW!!! Just got the iT2080 light hung over my reef tank and it is freaking amazing! The colours are simply FABULOUS! Awesome quality, brilliant controllability, and I would recommend this light to anyone wanting that "expensive look" for a good price for LEDs. Also I loved how it shipped to me here in Canada in under a week! Best money I've spent in years! Honestly! THANK YOU OCEAN REVIVE!!! :D

Admin Replay: Hi there,

It is glad that you like the light and good for you to share with others.

Any question please feel free to contact us.
AntonioSoto:feeds of user commentedArctic-S026 120W LED Aquarium Light (2014-03-25 11:46:36)4

WOW.. I love this light. The color on all my corals and fish, especially my potters wrasse are so vibrant. The zoas are opened up larger than I have ever seen them open. Believe it or not my Monti has about 1/2" of growth. Its like the growth was dormant. The only reason i didn't give this light a 5 is because no controller. I have the light on timers. Other than that I am very please with the light for only having it for 2 wks.

Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedArctic-S026 120W LED Aquarium Light (2014-02-24 22:26:10)5

I have one over my 20 gallon long reef tank and it makes the corals and everything look awesome. I would purchase another one in a heartbeat. Thanks!

Admin Replay: Glad to know you like it!
Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedArctic-T247 120W LED Aquarium Light (2014-02-24 12:48:27)5

Heres a video of mine. I love this light and have used there products for many years!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-2-Zl82Pqc

Admin Replay: Great vedio! Thank You!
Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedOR-IT2080 LED Aquarium Light (2014-02-06 04:35:18)5

Hi Send in france ? Alimentation french? Sorry my english it very bad

Admin Replay: How many do you want to buy? This website is only for US order. Our Paypal account is oceanrevive@gmail.com. So please let me know that quantity then I can work out how many shipping cost do you need to pay, Thank you.
Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedArctic-S026 120W LED Aquarium Light (2014-01-21 23:01:35)5

Very nice light fixture. I purchased this fixture and I tell you what, Ive never seen such nice colors on my coral. it makes the colors glow and everyone complements on the lights on my show tank. I have them on my 30 gallon nano reef

Admin Replay: Thank you for sharing!
Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedOR-IT2080 LED Aquarium Light (2014-01-20 01:06:35)5

KILLER LIGHT!!!! Been using this light for about 3 months now and love the controllability. I did however get a little algae growth due to the 3500k leds, so I got DIY on it and took out the 3500k leds and replace with 5 12k leds and 5 395-405nm UV leds and I'm seeing the algae diminish rapidly as I have 0 nitrates and 0 phosphates so without the 3500k leds the algae has nothing to promote it. I have also seen significant growth and color change for the better in almost all my corals including sps. Very happy now after the little DIY mod. in the future I'd like to see the 3500k leds go away and the addition of the UV leds for no algae and better coral growth and color strait out of the box. I would and have highly recommended this fixture and plan on buying more in the future and if I have to mod them so be it, I have a industrial soldering iron so its no sweat, but hope to see the change in the future. Thanks for reading my review.

Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedOR-IT2040 120W LED Aquarium Light (2014-01-06 05:49:14)3

I have 2 of the IT2040's on my 90 gallon reef. They are nice, just wish they were a little longer and wider. Back and front of the tank has loss. As well as where the center brace is. 18 or 20 would have been better.

Admin Replay: Thank you for your reviews! Do you agree that 2 units 24'' light (IT2060) will cover 90 gallon better?
Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedArctic-S026 120W LED Aquarium Light (2013-12-24 08:17:29)5

I purchased two S026 united. They are an amazing value. The full spectrum and spread are awesome. I love the color.

Admin Replay: Merry Christmas! We are so glad to know that your love our products. OceanRevive will always stand behind you and support your hobby.
Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedOR-IT2040 120W LED Aquarium Light (2013-12-21 13:24:04)4

Not my favorite light but very nice one. Have to be careful to watch the power settings when you getting your corals use to them. Had 5 now 0 went back to MH and t5 no growth but otherwise great!

Admin Replay: Thank you!
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